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gThe Best Day of my Lifeh


              One morning, I awoke from sleep because someone knocked on the door of my room.  I rubbed my drowsy eyes and I was absent-minded for a while.  That day had cleared up and birds warbled at the window.  I knew from the sunfs rays that it was about ten ofclock.  The knocking on the door continued, but I couldnft make up my mind whether I should open the door or not because I didnft want to meet anyone for the last few days.  For two years before that day, I went through the worst time in my life.  I tried to be successful but failed.     

I had graduated from an SDA high-school.  I wanted to go to a Japanese university.  There was no way to enter a Japanese university without entrance examinations.  It was difficult to prepare myself for the entrance examinations because the SDA high-school wasnft interested in the cult of success.  That high school was quite different from a study for examination. Usually many SDA high-school students go to a preparation school after they graduate from the high-school until they enter university.  I entered a preparation school which was famous for its severity.  I rented an apartment with my friend and we lived together.  I lived a stoic lifestyle.  There was no TV, radio, magazines, or even telephones.  I studied day and night, I even ate all my meals while I was studying.  But during this time, I was disappointed because the harder I worked the lower my grade in the prep school became, especially in mathematics.

   In the United States people can enter a college or an university whenever they want, but in my country there is only one chance a year and I had failed my first year.  Many students want to go to a famous university, because Japanese society thinks a great deal of peoplefs academic achievements.  Society makes light of peoplefs value who have no high academic background.  Many companies give discriminatory treatment between famous university graduate students and nameless university graduate students.

   The first year that I took the examinations, I took four different examinations from four different universities.  I was accepted into one of the universities, but I chose not to go there because it was a technical school that wasnft famous.  I decided to try one more year to get into a good university, but it was the beginning of  ghell.h  My roommate was accepted into a good university in the first year, so I lived alone in the second year.  Almost all students were first year students in the preparation school.  However, I was a second year student, so I felt out of place in the school.  My health was failing me little by little.  First my back started to ache, so I couldnft sit in a chair for a long time.  I had to stand and study much of the time.  To make matters worse, I started having ulcers causing me to lose sleep.  As the examination day approached, my health worsened even more.  Finally, the time came to the take exams again.  This was my last chance to enter a university, so I took 14 different universities examinations, all of which were famous.  I failed the first university and the easiest examination.  My hopes dimmed, and my long chain of disappointments continued until one day I found my name on the passing list, but I was on the waiting list.   This meant that I would have to wait for two weeks before my acceptance would be finalized.  I was so disappointed, and I almost gave up all hope of becoming a college student. 

  That knocking sound got really annoying.  I opened the door hesitatingly and saw that the landlady was standing in front of my room.  She handed me a white envelope without saying anything.  I had no idea about the envelope.  But I stared at the envelope and I found that it was a notice that I had been accepted into the university I wanted to go to the most.  This was the long-awaited time.  After reading the notice, something hot welled up in my eyes.  I dashed out the house with the greatest pleasure.  I exclaimed to myself: gWhat a beautiful sky!h  I had never even seen the sky in the past two years.